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Letters of Persuasion / FAQs

How long have you been writing letters of persuasion?
Since 1988. A friend was telling me about his mother's refusal to turn over the $75,000 his father had left him three years ago and I had an intuitive sense I could write something and get it.

It was two paragraphs. After his mother read it, she called him and agreed to meet at her bank. My friend got his inheritance and I started writing letters to resolve conflicts in and out of business.

How does it work?
You tell me your story—everything that transpired from the beginning to get you where you are—and I'll come up with a draft. We revise until it merits your signature.

Are your letters threatening?
My letters are very direct. We're promising to pursue all avenues until final resolution is reached. The goal is completion.

Have you ever won in court?
Yes. You must be committed to go to court—and, ultimately, willing to—but, of course, the idea is to not. Most people don't think you'll take the time to go after them and most people don't think that you'll stay with it. We let them know right away, in no uncertain terms, that we're going the distance on this one, no matter how far.

How much does it cost?
I work by retainer. The minimum charge for a letter is $500. That includes the initial consult (intake) and a first draft. If that exceeds 5 hours, the rate is $75 per hour, as is the rate for a second draft and/or revisions.

When a letter or a series of letters involve the collection of significant sums of money, there is a flat fee for each letter and an agreed-to percentage commission on monies each and every time they are collected.

What do you need to begin?
A willingness to entertain a new approach, in perspective, attitude and, perhaps, action.

What are the odds for success?
That’s based on your belief, desire and the strength of your convictions. My experience and belief is that most people—given the right opportunity—want to settle, want to clear things up. I'll help you create the right circumstances for this to happen.